◈ Our Products Have Superior Quality & Finish.

◈ All Order Execution as per ISO-9001 Guidelines.

◈ 24x7 Full fledged production capacity.

◈ We Specialize In Providing Custom & Ideal Solution for Heating or Cooling of Air, Oil & Other Media.


Air Heaters, Radiators

Convection Heaters/Space Heaters for various heat sources like Steam, Thermic Fluid Oil, Hot Water, Electricity etc.

Air Coolers, Condensors

With Chilled water, Brine solution, Cooling tower water. Capacities - 1ton to 1000tons.

Evaporating Coils

Atmospheric Type & Forced Heating Type available. Capacities - 1ton to 1000tons. Ideal for Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, & Other Cryognic Gases.

Air Heater Blower Unit

Capacities-500 CFM to 50000 CFM of Air Flow, Air Pressure-25 mm WG to 1000 mm WG, Air Temp. 50 Deg.C to 200 Deg.C, Heat Source-Steam, Thermic Fluid Oil, Hot Water or Electricity. Blowers-Centrifugal Type Blowers, with impellor statically & dynamically balanced. Most ideal for continuous air at given pressure, purity & temperature

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat exchangers are used for cooling of Water, Oil or other fluids using air as the cooling media. This can replace the conventional cooling towers, which uses water as the cooling media. As this heat exchanger use the atmospheric air, there is no consumption of water. Tube bundle is pressure tested for leak proof operation. Impeller of the fan is dynamically & statically balanced for vibration and noise free operation.

Oil Coolers With Inbuilt Fan

Ideal for cooling of the Oil with Atmospheric Air. Cooling in accordance with Dry bulb temp. of the region. Widely used where water is not available for cooling purpose. Capacities- Oil Flow Rate 25 LPM to 5000 LPM

Heating Coil For Standard Tray Dryers, Ovens

Ready to use Heating coils Driers of capacities 48 TRAYS, 96 TRAYS, 192 TRAYS & 384 180 TRAYS. Suitable for Steam or Thermic Fluid Oil Heating. Pressure Tested At 10 KG/CM>2 Ideal For Conversions From Electrically Operated Driers To Steam Heated Or Oil Heated Models.

Heating Coils For Fluid Bed Driers

Ready to use Heating coils for Fluid Bed Driers of capacities of 60 kgs/hr, 100 kgs/hr, 120 kgs/hr, 180 kgs/hr, 200 kgs/hr
Suitable for Steam or Thermic Fluid Oil Heating.Pressure Tested At 10 KG/CM2 Ideal For Conversions From Electrically Operated Driers To Steam Heated Or Oil Heated Models.

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Heating & cooling coils. Spiral wound Crimped type, L base, G type; Integral, Wire Wound & Extruded type are some of the categories of Finned tubes used. Selection of the type of Finned tubes depends on the Duty condition, Temperature & Pressure of the fluids. Material for the tubes are Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Brass. Fin material will be MS, SS, Copper, Brass or Aluminium.

About Us


The company was established in the year 1984. Designing, Marketing & Supplying of Heat Transfer Equipment was carried out in the conventional way, from the very beginning.


The company concentrated on Heat Exchangers involved heating or cooling of Air and other gaseous media. Main products are listed under Products in the main page. The company named these equipment as Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers or Fin Type Heat Exchangers. This led to a separate category of the Heat Exchangers product innovation, thus product name was established & others started following.


Company has the back up of experienced personals in the field of Design & Production. Chemical & Mechanical Engineers with more than 20 years experience are supervising the Process, Mechanical designing & the Production activities.


Water & Electricity is available plenty in the factory area. Both skilled & unskilled manpower is available. Transport services to all parts of India is available nearby. Port is within 10 kms & the Airport is within 22 kms.



Design & Administration of the company was modernised on the Tenth Anniversary of the company, by computerisation. Company effectively implemented CAD/CAM in the business activities, showing the way to many other organizations to follow. Today all the departments including Marketing, Design, Purchase, Production, Administration, Finance have been computerised. Company uses In house softwares to carry out the jobs.


Production is carried out in full-fledged factory equipped with all modern equipment required for the job. Superior Quality & Finish is the motto of the Company. All products are factory tested before dispatch, eliminating the need of maintenance. Company specialized in making the products tailor made to the customer needs, never tried to impose the standard models. Each equipment is designed to meet the specific running conditions.   Our heat transfer equipments have been commissioned successfully in various parts of India & Abroad.

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